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BUZZ RECORDS is a Glasgow-based alt.blues record label. Formed in 1993 to release the debut CD from Summerfield Blues, Devil & the Freightman, the label subsequently released titles by The Cottonfield, Radiotones, Tenesee Kait, Tim Elliott & the Troublemakers and Dave Arcari.

The label is now solely focused on releasing material by alt.blues artist Dave Arcari and is not currently considering adding any new artists to its roster. Dave’s fourth album – Nobody’s Fool – was released in March 2012 under licence to French label, Dixiefrog Records and distributed in Europe by Harmonia Mundi and UK by Discovery Records.

His latest (fifth) studio album – Whisky in my Blood  – was released in May 2013 via Blue North Records, Finland.

Dave Arcari CDs are available at www.davearcari.com and all his music is available to download from iTunes

Buzz also handles bookings for all Dave Arcari’s live appearances – booking enquiries should be directed to Margaret McDonald